Natural gas distribution Lines




Natural gas distribution Product Lines

22121_L43500 Sales of products extracted from natural gas, including propane and butane
22121_L43600 Household appliance sales
22121_L43750 Sales of other merchandise
22121_L46030 Pipeline transportation of natural gas and storage of natural gas from processing plants to local distribution systems
22121_L49000 Electricity - generation and distribution sales
22121_L49010 Electricity - power marketing and brokering sales
22121_L49020 Natural gas distribution to final consumer
22121_L49030 Natural gas - power marketing and brokering sales
22121_L49040 Mixed, manufactured, or liquefied gas sales
22121_L49070 Electric power transmission
22121_L49810 All other operating revenue

The Report entitled, Natural gas distribution Lines (Ref: 22121 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.