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National Intelligence Networks

  National Intelligence Networks were established in 1989 and are the leading provider of local and national business research to companies and organisations of all sizes.

  The research is provided on demand, within 59 minutes,  and is delivered to your desk as an e-mail attachment. If required we can provide the data on a DVD shipped by courier.

  National Intelligence Networks can supply a choice of 7 unique reports which are specific to your business:-

N.I.N. Contents

Country Focus

National Market Intelligence
Product & Market data
for each Country

Country Start

National Planning Intelligence
Business Start-up data
for each Country

Market Risk

National Market Intelligence
Market & Sales Planning data
for each Country

Profit Risk

National Financial Intelligence
Financial Planning  data
for each Country

Sales Focus

Geographic Sales Intelligence
Local Market Sales data
for every Town in the Country

Town Focus

Local Market Intelligence
Business data
for each City or Town

Town_Start.gif (1702 bytes)

Local Planning Intelligence
Business Start-up data
for each City or Town

159 pages
On your desk in 59 minutes